Camera work

I have committed myself to do one additional part of the ideals space exhibition for the Venice Biennale 2016. That is to do all of the camera work and some model cleanup and optimization of the models. The work started by importing the models in Softimage. Softimage is reaching

Daramtic structures for JTA

As a workshop starting point, but also to secure a small but variable structure for the journey to Abqdyl project JTA. I designed a deck of cards of sixteen cards that could be played from four players’ different starting points. I applied what I learned with the dramatic

paper walk

First test made for a printout version of a walk generated in one of the city parts of Abadyl Traora. here are three different walk generated and turned into walking instructions.   Direction and instruction on what object to take photos of. Fits on an a4 paper that can be


  _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ We built further on these ideas in the Journey to Abadyl project which can be found here. Dramatic structures for JTA 

Scenario utveckling JTA

Här har vi skisssat på ett scenarion som leder besökaren in av Abadyls stadsdelar ”I heard about the possibility, and then I jumped on “a journey to Abadyl” (Lena, 23, Malmö) Vid ankomsten fick vi alla fylla i en visum ansökan. Det var bara att skriva in ett namn, utan att


  Today I installed the Mobela_C at the artchannel gallery here are some images of it being built up. Mobela_C_in_the_making Mobela_C  


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Arcades for Venice 2018

Today I and Ulrich iterated the last details on the arcade concept for Venice 2018. Faranak Tiba through the instructions I gave her also made some proof of concept sketches in Adobe aftereffects to show how movement can be realized in 2d images through projection paint.