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Lucias Garden

During some workdays in Karlsruhe to work on the concepts for the 2018 Exhibition in Venice. I visit Lucia’s garden. This garden was created by Lucia over a long period of time, creating a paradise on earth. These images were later used in the exhibition as the first world


Earlier this year we engaged students from the Digital Design program, Kristianstad University exploring the theme Non-Places as part of our development process of the smartphone application Wanderlost.  In various design team they designed concepts to create experiences where


  Today I installed the Mobela_C at the artchannel gallery here are some images of it being built up. Mobela_C_in_the_making Mobela_C  


Mobela C This new work will soon be shown 2009 in Beijing at the Art Channel Gallery. In this project, the user could extract a series of descriptive stories about the different parts of the city of Abadyl in English and Mandarin. The voices an explored by moving two RFID readers


  We also hosted a workshop on the different aspects of works in the exhibition and met artists from Kuala Lumpur’s different art communities    


I became together with Håkan Edeholt responsible to learn and taking care of the Stratasys printer that k2 had invested in. At that time I was preparing work for the ZOOM exhibition I Malaysia at the Kuala Lumpur Art Museum. So for the exhibition I made a series of renderings of