Artificial Nature

For the ISWG exhibition in Venice 2018, I worked with foremost the interaction design of how to involve the audience to participate how the video was being played in the exhibition space. I also worked with doing a lot of 3d modeling of central buildings in Sforzinda and worked

Interface design Artificial Natures part 1

We are going into manufacturing! Today I sent the sketches to the carpenter in Karlsruhe and tried out the main layout of all the electronic components, that Mauro will help me put together in Venice Each of the worlds will be represented by one object, when that object is placed

Lucias Garden

During some workdays in Karlsruhe to work on the concepts for the 2018 Exhibition in Venice. I visit Lucia’s garden. This garden was created by Lucia over a long period of time, creating a paradise on earth. These images were later used in the exhibition as the first world

Catalouge from the printers

There it was, but it was printed with the wrong proportions, slightly oval, this will be corrected in the official version of the catalouge.

Worlddisc 14th Century

Next century the 14th. Now the complexity and desity picks up, lot more intresting paths to follow and draw.  

worlddisc 13th Century

The result from this Saturday morning work. I wish I had a Wacom tablet with a screen, so I could paint/draw directly onto the image. Still some of the text and other artifacts need to be edited out in the next iteration. Also, make more presence of the four 25 year divisions

Gathering in Karlsruhe

Here are some images from the first meeting in Karlsruhe with all the team members