Icke Platser

As first official activity in the Journey to Abadyl project, our digital design students this semester worked with a research theme Non-Places. So last week we spent going through the different material that the students have done in the course design for mobile services. Today


Continuing working on Mobela C with the do-fi-do nfc/rfid system I am prototyping so that the visitor could extract a series of descriptive stories about the different parts of the city of Abadyl in English and Mandarin. How to do this with two different languages? The voices a

Arcades for Venice 2018

Today I and Ulrich iterated the last details on the arcade concept for Venice 2018. Faranak Tiba through the instructions I gave her also made some proof of concept sketches in Adobe aftereffects to show how movement can be realized in 2d images through projection paint.