Artificial Nature

For the ISWG exhibition in Venice 2018, I worked with foremost the interaction design of how to involve the audience to participate how the video was being played in the exhibition space. I also worked with doing a lot of 3d modeling of central buildings in Sforzinda and worked

Lucias Garden

During some workdays in Karlsruhe to work on the concepts for the 2018 Exhibition in Venice. I visit Lucia’s garden. This garden was created by Lucia over a long period of time, creating a paradise on earth. These images were later used in the exhibition as the first world


Earlier this year we engaged students from the Digital Design program, Kristianstad University exploring the theme Non-Places as part of our development process of the smartphone application Wanderlost.  In various design team they designed concepts to create experiences where

Icke Platser

As the first official activity in the Journey to Abadyl project, our digital design students this semester working with a research theme Non-Places. So last week we spent going through the different material that the students have done in the course design for mobile services.

paper walk

First test made for a printout version of a walk generated in one of the city parts of Abadyl Traora. here are three different walk generated and turned into walking instructions.   Direction and instruction on what object to take photos of. Fits on an a4 paper that can be


  _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ We built further on these ideas in the Journey to Abadyl project which can be found here. Dramatic structures for JTA