REcult research projects was founded by Jörn Messeter and Michael Johansson in 2005.

It has through its partner Do-Fi over the past two years initiated both research and business projects together with several partners, mostly in the Oresunds region. To explore the new field of Place Specific Computing (PSC) as well as develop local digital products and services to customers.

REcult is a research project promoting Place-Specific Computing (PSC) as a new conceptual platform for mobile services motivated by technological progress as well as developments in mobile IT use. PSC addresses the shaping of interactions between

people and place-specific resources, mediated by digital artifacts, and connected to global socio-technical networks. We are always looking to broaden our views and setting up Recult research sites and projects in other countries and contexts. Today we have six sites involved in the project; Malmo Sweden, Berlin Germany; Rome Italy,

Beijing China and Capetown South Africa.

We work closely with students in all of the sites in the project and involve them in both research activities as well as working on specific design proposals and projects within the REcult framework.