August 2022


Här kan ni läsa intervjun


The short movie Skopéin is finished which I made with Andi Seiss it will open on the 31st of August 2022. This site-specific animation exhibited at the Stadtkirche in Karlsruhe creates a unique experience for visitors in which animation and its unfoldings become a vehicle for

End of rendering and some fun

There are a lot of possibilities (parameters, algorithms, etc) in 3d production that one uses to tweak forward the final expression. Once that is done some other experiments can be conducted to use a specific set-ep and to follow it in other and new directions. Here is one image

Rendering rendering…

For the upcoming exhibition in Karlsruhe on the 31st of August, here is a sneak peek of a small part of the ongoing work. I have collaborated with Andreas Siess to produce a 2-minute video on the theme of “New images of heaven”. Here are images created in our

3d printed prototyping of the second iteration of the machine

Late night and early this morning I squeezed in a quick prototyping and 3d printing session to get an idea about some of the 93 objects. So here are some images of all of the prototypes that did not make it, and also the candidates we now have in play. We still need to adjust