Skyltfönster utställning I Malmö, Michael Johansson, Annika Eriksson, Leif Palmqvist och David Krantz

Virus Theory

(Virus theory) Animation showed in an exhibition at the ship Stubenitza in Malmö Harbour in 1994. The video (virus theory) is a short sequence from the CD-rom BOOM project which I have been working with since 1991. In that part of the production the user can explore different


Datacrasch1992 oil on Canvas 135cm * 195cm Visad Galleri Bengt Adlers Atmosfear Exhibition 1992, Malmö Konsthall 1992 Malmö stads kulturstipedie utdelning


Ubu is the last painting of the series that started with Heimat in 1987. This painting was showed at the Frankfurt artfair 1991. Comissioned by Moderna musset Stockholm Sweden Oil on canvas 135*135cm

A bodygard of Lies

A bodygard of Lies visad på utställningen populärminne på Galleri Bengt Adlers 1988 Oil on canvas 135*195cm


Uploaded some images og Gigant Wood, metal, electric motors, fluorescent paint  


Abadyl 1987 Oil and acrylic paint on canvas. 195*195cm. Commissioned by Convector 1988.