C.E.S.K short version


The c.e.s.k (cryo emergency spy kit) is part of a project called the city of Abadyl.  The city of Abadyl started about back in 1997 where I did a project called “from an uncertain point in the Cartesian space”. I went around the world and visited different places that have had very specific ideologies that have been abandoned but have left some traces in form of monuments and buildings behind. The focus was to see how people in different locations delft with the very present past in forms for example monuments. How their everyday life was influenced. So I went to 16 different locations and created a couple of short animations that was projected back on the actual location again. The project was shown both as an exhibition and on the Internet in 1999-2000.



Since I used a lot of architectural models in the project creating the different locations I got the idea to put all of the material together into one city. So to create some kind of infrastructure I used sixteen formula one track that was put on top of each other and then a start filling in the rest. The city of Abadyl is divided in sixteen parts with their own separate ideology, architecture, fashion, lifestyles, etc. The different parts of the city form an archetype, a very specific character with all the characteristics of their part of the city. This is the most philosophical part of the project where I try to build as different, complex settings and characters as possible. The first part of the project will be presented in September in form of a book called “the city of Abadyl Volume III the book of maps, theories and scales”.


So the c.e.s.k is one of sixteen characters in this city.  The main idea was to use a character with very specific physical qualities and that it was physically manipulated by others with very little free will. The idea is also to focus on research that is actually going on and try to put it in an everyday environment with a certain twist. For example, how can you communicate something of a possible future and make people uncertain of if this is possible or even exists? Last year I showed c.e.s.k as a scale model in a box that you could buy and build by yourself.