Design Projects

Gestaltande inom designämnet

Bakgrund till gestaltbegreppet En gestalt (av tyska: Gestalt, “skepnad”, “form”, “figur”)


International Week Bremen Host one week workshop on wanderlost with End Game Against the self-evident – a thorough

World Disc

As a cosmic symbol in dynamic change, it is a cosmic symbol for the spaces appearing here: of the historical spaces shown and

Babel IID

This is one of three projects I practically worked with when the Ideal spaces working group exhibited together for the first

Milano Water City

This was done as a part of my work with the ideal spaces working group for the Venice Architectural Biennale 2016

Dramatic structures for JTA

As an initial workshop starting point, but also to secure a small but variable structure for the journey to Abadyl project

Wanderlost CW 2014

Wanderlost 2014 (English)In: Cyberworlds (CW), 2014 International Conference, 2014 Conference paper, Published paper

The eight continent: design for an intentional surprise

The eight continent: design for an intentional surprise In: Proceedings: 2013 International Conference on Cyberworlds / [ed]

Mobela B

Mobela B was the second structure designed to host all of the digital material physically in one place. It should host a


Kortfilm i collageform med 3D visuella inslag baserad på scenarier från den animerade världen ABADYL. Thore Soneson  /