Art Works

Ideal Spaces Working Group Lisbon

Ideal Spaces Working Group Lissabon The New Art Fest ‘18: Utopia and Global Gentrification 2-30 Nov 2018 Lisbon (various venues)

The wanderers Berlin

For the last evening of the PS2 project, we used still images from the seven guides that we used all through the Wanderlost

Biketopia VR

From the the Da Vinci milano water city world with one of the rotating bridges afront. The bike installation was shown to a

Ideal Spaces Exhibition

6th EAI International Conference: ArtsIT, Interactivity & Game Creation October 30–31, 2017 | Heraklion, Greece Michael

World Disc

As a cosmic symbol in dynamic change, it is a cosmic symbol for the spaces appearing here: of the historical spaces shown and

Wanderlost app

For the main Journey to Abadyl in Kristianstad och Copenhagen, we made a Mobil App together with Magnus Wallon. The app runs


Soundscaping 2018 (English)In: Enhancing art, culture, and design with technological integration / [ed] Mehdi Khosrow-Pour,


For an upcoming theatre and performance project called “The journey to Abadyl” I have worked to put forward models for