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3d printed prototyping of the second iteration of the machine

Late night and early this morning I squeezed in a quick prototyping and 3d printing session to get an idea about some of the 93 objects. So here are some images of all of the prototypes that did not make it, and also the candidates we now have in play. We still need to adjust


I detta dokument med fokus på utveckling av medvandrarna och wanderlost appen har jag samlat det arbete som jag tillsammans med Pramnet, WH9, Marie Karlevas Fredriksson och Magnus Wallon genomförde mellan 2016- 2017. Här finner ni en dokumentation av hela utvecklings arbetet i

paper walk

First test made for a printout version of a walk generated in one of the city parts of Abadyl Traora. here are three different walk generated and turned into walking instructions.   Direction and instruction on what object to take photos of. Fits on an a4 paper that can be


  _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ We built further on these ideas in the Journey to Abadyl project which can be found here. Dramatic structures for JTA