Abadyl of tunes

In the ambience 11 exhibition I presented this work as a paper and as part of the exhibition. In the presentation at the conference, I talked about how we developed a process for collectively producing explorative soundscapes, using specific constraints of the Abadyl framework influenced by theories from art and architecture. How we worked with a design methodology that brought together an editor and the final expression of the artwork into one surface of interaction and execution.  I will also discuss how we tweaked/iterated with the parameters of the framework, the sounds and the final visual expression to match our artistic intention, to make it bring some noise.

Keywords-art; design; interface; loop; music; 3d 

Michael Johansson, Jim Hall & Johan Salo

Ambience ’11 exhibition: … where art, technology and design meet / [ed] Annika Hellström, Hanna Landin, Linda Worbin, Borås: University of Borås , 2011, p. 40-43 Conference paper (Other (popular science, discussion, etc.))