Selected works

Sentences on Gestalt

My work on formulating sentences about gestalt began three years ago. I went into academia in the late ’90s with a

Worldmaking: designing for audience participation, immersion and interaction in virtual and real spaces

Andreas Siess1, Daniel Hepperle, Matthias Wölfel, and Michael Johansson Worldmaking: designing for audience participation,

Biketopia VR

From the the Da Vinci milano water city world with one of the rotating bridges afront. The bike installation was shown to a

World Disc

As a cosmic symbol in dynamic change, it is a cosmic symbol for the spaces appearing here: of the historical spaces shown and

Dramatic structures for JTA

As an initial workshop starting point, but also to secure a small but variable structure for the journey to Abadyl project


For an upcoming theatre and performance project called “The journey to Abadyl” I have worked to put forward models for

Mobela C

Mobela C In the Mobela C that was shown 2009 in Beijing at the Art Channel Gallery. In this project, the user could extract a

Journey to Abadyl

Journey to Abadyl Michael johansson, Thore Soneson, Jörgen Callesen, Marika Kajo, Jette Lund och Katrine Nielsen In The

Ping vs Pong Roskilde Konstmuseum

Hösten 2003 ansvarade jag för ett nioveckors block på temat gaming. För interaktionsdesignutbildningen på K3 malmö Högskola,