Worldmaking: designing for audience participation, immersion and interaction in virtual and real spaces

Andreas Siess1, Daniel Hepperle, Matthias Wölfel, and Michael Johansson Worldmaking: designing for audience participation,

Ideal Spaces Working Group Lisbon

Ideal Spaces Working Group Lissabon The New Art Fest ‘18: Utopia and Global Gentrification 2-30 Nov 2018 Lisbon (various venues)

Biketopia VR

From the the Da Vinci milano water city world with one of the rotating bridges afront. The bike installation was shown to a

Ideal Spaces Exhibition

6th EAI International Conference: ArtsIT, Interactivity & Game Creation October 30–31, 2017 | Heraklion, Greece Michael

World Disc

As a cosmic symbol in dynamic change, it is a cosmic symbol for the spaces appearing here: of the historical spaces shown and

Babel IID

This is one of three projects I practically worked with when the Ideal spaces working group exhibited together for the first

Milano Water City

This was done as a part of my work with the ideal spaces working group for the Venice Architectural Biennale 2016


For an upcoming theatre and performance project called “The journey to Abadyl” I have worked to put forward models for

Epic Mode

Epic Mode är ett pågående världsbygge i sju delar, en berättelse, en fabel, en arbetsmetodik, omsatt i flera medier; fler

Abadyl of tunes

In the ambience 11 exhibition I presented this work as a paper and as part of the exhibition. In the presentation at the