Concept sketches room 7

Last week we made the initial sketches of the concept for room 7. Ulrich Gehmann and Faranak Tiba and me. A lot of things to consider. The flow of people, what to make them stop, what can be interactive. How to use the side panels and what to have in them referencing the main

Lucias Garden

During some workdays in Karlsruhe to work on the concepts for the 2018 Exhibition in Venice. I visit Lucia’s garden. This garden was created by Lucia over a long period of time, creating a paradise on earth. These images were later used in the exhibition as the first world


I detta dokument med fokus på utveckling av medvandrarna och wanderlost appen har jag samlat det arbete som jag tillsammans med Pramnet, WH9, Marie Karlevas Fredriksson och Magnus Wallon genomförde mellan 2016- 2017. Här finner ni en dokumentation av hela utvecklings arbetet i


Earlier this year we engaged students from the Digital Design program, Kristianstad University exploring the theme Non-Places as part of our development process of the smartphone application Wanderlost.  In various design team they designed concepts to create experiences where

Icke Platser

As the first official activity in the Journey to Abadyl project, our digital design students this semester working with a research theme Non-Places. So last week we spent going through the different material that the students have done in the course design for mobile services.

Catalouge from the printers

There it was, but it was printed with the wrong proportions, slightly oval, this will be corrected in the official version of the catalouge.