Silhouettes in the making

For the second iteration of the wandering machine. We agreed to work with 31 objects, in 3 different scales adjusted to each of the rings to get some space in between each silhouette. The proportions for the Silhouette on each ring is important and is best already addressed with

shadow objects proportion and size

Now the iteration 2 of the machine mechanics generating shadow is completed here are the results. There was also a change of the number of objects from 49 to 31 to create some more space for each shadow. Since the proportion are a bit different, and for complexity each shadow

KulturNatten 2015

These are some images and two short movies from our exhibition I Copenhagen with our project partner Warehouse 9. It was a good test for the concept of the “wanderers”.          

Test ogf shadow length in Physical model

Today I measured the new area for the 49 objects that uses a 100mm disc in the middle, next is 130mm (will hold 13 0bjects), next is 170mm(will hold 17 objects)  and the outer is 230mm (will hold 19 objects)