Against the self-evident

Against the self-evident Real virtuality: about deconstruction and multiplication of world / [ed] Ulrich Gehmann, Martin Rieche, Berlin:

The loop as narrative continuum

  By Michael Johansson and Thore Soneson 2004 Since new media itself has matured, the process is no longer depended on the predecessors more

Sentences on Gestalt

This work with sentences on gestalt and work started three years ago. I come from art/design practice into academia in the late 90`s and it is


Fieldasy  Pixel raiders University of Sheffield 2003 Michael Johansson / Per Linde Master studenter vid K3 malmö Högskola, Anders Tengren, Jon

Ideal Spaces Exhibition

6th EAI International Conference: ArtsIT, Interactivity & Game Creation October 30–31, 2017 | Heraklion, Greece Michael Johansson Högskolan