Camera work

Camera work

I have committed myself to do one additional part of the ideals space exhibition for the Venice Biennale 2016. That is to do all of the camera work and some model cleanup and optimization of the models. The work started by importing the models in Softimage. Softimage is reaching its end as software and this version will be the last one, so this may be the last project I do with it. So many years of practice and knowledge need to be transferred into something else over the next years. Each animation would be about 90-300 sec. The first question or idea I always ask myself is, who is watching? What point of view does the camera represent and how does the camera move in space. In architectural visualization, the camera is disconnected from the physical space and is being disconnected from the physical world. (drones can fly like this, but we as human cannot).
So I wanted to do a series of camera movements in Da Vincis Milano like I was there with traditional camera equipment capturing the atmosphere of the city. It became nine different movements throughout the city.

Here are the final results that made it into the exhibition

The different viewpoints for each part of the animation

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