This is the site of artist and researcher Michael Johansson. Born in sweden, educated in Denmark; Royal academy of fine arts mst of my professional life I have worked in the area of space and spatial creation and lived abroad in China from 2007-2014 which gave me many new perspectives. Since 2011 I am Artist and Associate professor in digital media at Kristianstad University. On this blog  I gather and present all of the different projects and interests of mine and try to establish a overview of, and access my work.

In my own practice, I always had a very close relationship with the material that I have used for investigating and executing my ideas. In all my works, no matter what stuff I have chosen for its realization, the establishing of a ‘substantial’ dialogue has been of uttermost importance. There should be no difference between the critical mass of the idea and the final outcome, the artwork as such, but an interwoven unity between theoretical and formal matter. Since 1984, the computer has played a major role in enabling precisely that.

In my art practice and research I have since 2005 started to connect and shape a model for something called “a different story”. This brings together artistic expression in every form, interaction design and computational models into a common framework. Since it is a complex an in depth multi and cross disciplinary effort it has taken a lot of time putting this forward for me, and it´s still in the making. You can follow the development here on the website in several of the articles.
When I started to move away from mostly painting I got an interest in other tactile and sensory activities – food and wine, cooking and wine tasting. What i like about this is that when it comes to wine there is a language for talking about taste which is not very common in other areas, it brings together practice with knowledge in a social context. Cooking and the art of writing and reading recipes, executing and reflecting in often complex and technical advanced use of kitchen equipment. This is very similar how I go about working with my own works of art. A lot of hands on experiments, parallel reading and knowledge seeking and finally a description of how to conduct the artwork itself described as a recipe or algorithm.