Exempel 9 Forensic Intimacy

Det nionde exemplet kommer från området för fotografi. Där de kartlagt icke-platser i stadsrummet. Fundera kring hur en applikation i mobiltelefonen skulle kunna uppmuntra användare och involvera dem i en liknande kartläggning.

Forensic Intimacy: A Digital Exploration of ‘Non-Place’

Jim Brogden
School of Design, University of Leeds, Leeds LS2 9JT, UK
Email: jim@jimbrogden.com
The intention here is to further promote the trans-disciplinary debate surrounding the urban ‘non-
place’, through several signposted arguments, each of which seeks to reveal the contestable nature of
‘non-place’, by discussing its relationship to the following key themes: identifi cation, childhood, cultural
valorisation, ‘new landscape’, anthropological space, the palimpsest, and digital re-presentation. This
study is supported by a selection of my most recent digital photographs, which investigate a specifi c
urban ‘non-place’ in the centre of Leeds, in the UK.