Exempel 6 Noise Battle

A Gamified application for Environmental Noise Monitoring in Urban Areas

Urban environments are places where changes occur at a quick pace. Collecting observations related to environmental factors, such as noise pollution, is crucial to monitor trends and changes in a city that can decrease citizens’ welfare. However, monitoring noise in cities through classical approaches has a high cost for local and regional governments. In recent years, mass-market mobile devices such as smartphones have started to incorporate several sensors, enabling countless measuring capabilities and becoming low-cost portable measuring devices. In our case, we use the microphone to collect environmental noise measurements. In this paper we present a novel approach to collect environmental noise data by developing a crowdsourced gamified mobile application. Our purpose is to encourage users to collect noise measurements with their personal smartphones so that other stakeholders can use these measurements in their analysis and decision making processes. This research presents a prototype to monitor environmental noise based on gamification techniques and outlines some possible analysis to obtain noise maps in cities.

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